Water Armor Personal-Protective Clothing


WaterArmor gives you the protection of TurtleSkin, an innovative fabric created by Warwick Mills. TurtleSkin is made from the tightest weave ever achieved in Kevlar, a fiber two times stronger and five times lighter than steel. WaterArmor can protect waterjet operators from pressures as high as 2800 bar (40,000 psi).


Warwick Mills certify all TurtleSkin products to meet specific performance standards. Warwick Mills is ISO 9001 Certified to assure that quality and calibration are always maintained.


(Full-Body Protection from UHP) rugged and lightweight. Comfortable and easy to replace, hinged-panel design allow for greater flexibility and range of motion. The 19 individual components can be easily removed and replaced using common tools. TurtleSkin WaterArmor’s unique design provides extensive protection to the front of the operator while the open back allows for increased circulation to keep the operator cool.

(Water Jetting Arm and Wrist Protection) Flexibility, comfort and toughness. The Guantlet covers the wrist, forearm and back of the hand. Patented TurtleSkin features flexible layers constructed with the tightest weave of high-strength aramid. Easily clean with basic detergent and water. Its durable exterior also provides excellent chemical resistance.

(Water Jetting Foot Protection) Flexible, lightweight and rugged. Designed to protect the feet, shins, toes and insteps. It gives the blasting operators the mobility to do their work and keep lower extremities safe from dangerous blasts. It is made up of removable parts that can be easily replaced by using common tools.

WaterArmor Water Jet Suits (Preventing Injuries - Saving Lives)

TurtleSkin WaterArmor protective clothing provides protection for UHP waterjet upto 2800 bar/40,000 psi. It protects operator from accidental swipes at extreme high pressure and ensuring a safe work environment. TurtleSkin WaterArmor Water Jet Suits one size fits all operators and component panels can be replaced individually, Chaps, gaiters, upper torso and arm protection panels are sold separately for easy repair and maintenance. Its protection and helps reduces fatigue without sacrificing protection and helps boost operator productivity.

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