Founded in 1994, HWT Engineering Services Pte Ltd is a family owned company started as a sole proprietor and in the year 2009 it has been converted into a “Private Limited” company.

Exclusive and Sales Partners for Kamat High Pressure Plunger Pump and Systems, Speck Triplex Plunger Pump and Systems, Maus Bundle Puller, Tube Expander & Tools, Torbo Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment, Latty Mechanical Seals, Gland Packings and Gaskets, MVT Sapphire Water Jet Nozzles, ENZ Heat Exchange & Pipe Cleaning Nozzles.

Provides solution for numerous industries, such as marine, oil and gas, refinery, sugar plant, petrol chemical plant, power plant, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, reverse osmosis, process manufacturing, chemical injection and dosing,etc,.

Provides Sales, Rental Sales, Services, Installation & Assembly, Pump & Systems.

Provides customization to reach client’s requirements ranging from 70 bar to 3500 bar. Units are coupled with electric motor or diesel engine, incorporated with manual control or electric pneumatic system.

HWT, our family owned business prides itself on a commitment to quality, durability, vast inventory, strong service backup and support as the foundation of our on going success.




HWT Engineering Services a sole proprietor company was founded in 1 December 1994.
18 November 2009 it was converted into a “private limited” company and now known as “HWT Engineering Services Pte Ltd”.

Appointed by Kamat GmBH & Co Kg as their exclusive distributor


Awarded Project – Floating Dock Pump and System – Kamat K11045C Sembawang Bethlehem Shipyard.

Awarded Project – Family and Juvenile Court – Removal of existing external paint to its original shanghai plastering.
Introduced Kamat K10016A Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting into construction industry has proven a better solution to the
conventional method of power brushing.

Support the marine contractors, shipyards, voyage, power plant, chemical plant, military, etc,. with our rental fleet of ultra high
pressure water jetting equipments.

Sold and built numerous Kamat pumps and systems ranging from 50 bar to 3500 bar.


Appointed by Speck Triplex Pumpen GmbH & Co Kg as their exclusive distributor.
Sold and built numerous Speck Triplex Pumps and Systems ranging from 60 bar to 1200 bar

Appointed by Warwick Mills as their distributor for sale of Turtleskin Water Armor Personal Protective Clothing

Appointed by Maus Italia S.P.A. as their exclusive distributor.
Awarded Project – Sale of 125 Ton Bundle Puller to Shell Bukom by Maus and HWT.

Appointed by Torbo Engineering Keizer Gmbh as their sales partner for sale and service of Torbo Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipments.

2006, 2012, 2016 - 2017

Appointed by Latty International s.a.s. (Mechanical Seal and Glands Packing), MVT AG (UHP and Cold Cutting Nozzles) and
ENZ Technik AG (Heat Exchange and HP Pipe Cleaning Nozzles).