For this areas of application, we provide customized solutions to meet client’s requirement – function, designs, applications and installation.

We provide for areas such as

Floor washers

Facade cleaning

High pressure cleaner (Mobile / Stationary)

Cleaning equipment industrial and food sector

Tyre/Wheel washers

Pre-Spray wash bays (Car wash)

Sewer Cleaning

Pre-Spray wash bays (Car wash)

Pre-Wash units

Sewer cleaning

Block foam

Moulded Foam

(Deionized water, Isocyanates, Amines, CO2)

Manufacturer of machining systems

Anti-Static units

Fertilizer plants

Printing industry / Paper industry

Tunnelling, Mining

Fire extinguishing plants

Anti-Static units

Plant growth

Dialysis water

Landfill seepage water

Bottle filling

Electroplating treatment

Industrial wastewater

Drinking water production

Seawater desalination

Filling containers, Bottles, Cooling systems

Disinfestation, Disinfection, Food, Medicines

Extraction, Textile dyeing, Fabric production

Oil production, Borehole feeding

Dry cleaning textiles, Components

Power plants

Industrial plants


Fountain renovation, Grounddrilling

Boiler feeding

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering

Cooling / Lubrication systems

Fountain refurbishment

Environmental protection

Snow machines

Water jet cutting

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